Resolving the Missing Joint Error in turtlebot3_manipulation with ROS2

When running the turtlebot3_manipulation package in ROS2, an error may arise indicating that a joint is not found:

Specifically, the error message can prevent the proper operation of the TurtleBot3 manipulator. This issue can be resolved by editing the URDF file associated with the TurtleBot3 manipulation description.

The Problem

The error message highlights that the joint gripper_right_joint_mimic is absent in the robot model. This joint is essential for the manipulator’s functionality as it defines the relationship between different parts of the robot, especially concerning the gripper mechanism.

The Solution

To resolve this issue, you need to modify the URDF file located at turtlebot3_manipulation/turtlebot3_manipulation_description/urdf/open_manipulator_x.urdf.xacro. By adding the necessary joint definitions to this file, you ensure that the gripper_right_joint_mimic joint is recognized in the robot model. Here are the lines of XML that should be added to the URDF file:

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