Command \DH unavailable in encoding OT1

Recently, I have been writing papers on Overleaf. When I tried import the IEEE two columns template, Overleaf displayed many errors like this

The solution is to insert the following command before \newenvironmentcommand.

Now, the compiler should be able to render the document without any errors.

3 Comments Command \DH unavailable in encoding OT1

  1. AlexPetrenko

    Thank you for this post! It certainly fixed the errors, but I still see a lot of weird characters in the PDF rendered by Overleaf. For example, in the conference-provided example file:

    Do not mix complete spellings and abbreviations of
    units: ÒWb/m2Ó or Òwebers per square meterÓ, not
    Òwebers/m2Ó. Spell out units when they appear in text:
    Ò. . . a few henriesÓ, not Ò. . . a few HÓ.

    Any idea how to remove these?

    1. AlexPetrenko

      Ahahah these characters were actually in the .tex example document provided by the conference 😀 These weird characters are all over the plain text file. Someone messed up a little bit 🙂
      Anyway, thank you for suggesting this solution again!


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